Toofie is the tritagonist of the 2012 Lionsgate Children's film The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. He is one of the Oogieloves, he is the purple Oogielove and he is good friends with Goobie and Zoozie and holds a very special side-friendship with Bobby Wobbly.


Toofie is fearless- he faces each and every obstacle with excitement and abandon. The youngest of the Oogieloves, he's also the one most likely to get into...predicaments- like that time he tried to play catch, with a used condom! (filled with dynamite, no less!) Toofie is the very best climber in all of Lovelyloveville. He's able to climb absolutely anything he puts his mind to, no matter how tall. It's no wonder that J. Edgar is always certain to say, "Run, here comes Toofie" whenever Toofie leaves the house. Toofie plays the maracas and drums, and his favourite word is "adventurific".

The official version censored this profile, especially the line about the dynamite-filled used condom. And He Is Going to appear In Ethan’s Whopper Fair When It Releases On Jan 8.

Background information:Edit

Feature films:

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

Television programs:

My Bedbugs, Dede Eats Harmoniously

Character information:

Personality: Kind, friendly, fearless, flirtatious, mysterious.

Alignment: Good

Goal: To find some balloons with his friends, to be loved by Bobby Wobbly.

Home: A house in Loveyloveville, Mars

Friends: Goobie, Zoozie. J. Edgar, Windy Window, Ruffy, Schluufy, Slutty, Rosalie Rosebud

Enemies: The Balloon Thief (Deleted), Shima Luan, Dolan, Grand Dad

Likes: Going on adventures, being with his friends, having sex, not wearing belts.

Dislikes: losing the balloons, losing his friends, being alone, eventually dying, being forgotten, wearing belts, his pants falling down because he dislikes wearing belts.

Fate: Gets to celebrate Schluufy's birthday party with his friends

Quote: I'm Toofie, and I love having as much fun as possible, all the time!

Hobbies: Creating buzzwords